Layby Terms & Conditions

Cleaning Systems Ltd can offer a 3 month Layby period with 10% deposit on purchases with a combined value of less than $7,500.00. For products which require a specific order request from a supplier a non-refundable 30% deposit is necessary to secure the Layby term. 

Please note: If goods are not paid for in full by the agreed completion date of the Layby term, the customer may forfeit all monies paid and the goods returned into Cleaning Systems stock for resale.

Feel free to talk to one of our Team about our Layby terms and conditions.

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In accordance with the Layby Sales Act set down by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs NZ:

A layby sale is a contract between the seller and a customer with the following conditions:

•the seller holds the goods until the total price is paid
•the seller holds the goods until a specified proportion of the price is paid
•the price is paid in instalments or is to be paid at the end of a set period - that being 3 months.
•the price of the goods is $7,500 or less

All sales that meet the conditions listed above are layby sales, even if you do not use the term "layby". All sales that meet these conditions are covered by the terms of the Layby Sales Act.

You can access the Layby Sales Act online at the government legislation website (there is no charge for viewing legislation on this website).

When you use layby, the seller agrees to hold the goods for you. You agree to pay for them in instalments.
When you make the last payment you can collect the goods.

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