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I was trained at Cleaning Systems originally for decontamination but had a change of mind and instead went about starting a testing business. I’m now on an expansion plan with two brands being and should you want to see what we are about. I cannot entertain the thought to broaden the business scope with cleaning, as it would be a conflict of interest.

I'm now keen to sell our original cleaning concept, which url redirects with the domain

The business is and your email would be when you sign up for google apps for work.

It would suit someone looking for an easy start-up turnkey solution. After training with Cleaning Systems just get straight into it. is a self-explanatory name that makes for being google search friendly when considering your SEO and also customers can associate with a brand that explains its service. It’s also very easy to say, just saying.

The package includes the logo in all art files, the website url and the pre made website that is very easy to manage even with novice ability.

Give yourself a professional look with a memorable brand name. As you get into this game you will need to develop strong relationships with major insurance firms. You will be a step ahead of competitors with a polished package like this.

Price is up for negotiation for this business brand opportunity only. Give us an offer that reflects the value in our well-planned name and its all yours. In all early industries, the longest serving brands were considered with good foresight; clearly this brand represents the industry with a clear message and your not limited by country should you be very ambitious.

Imagine the franchise opportunity as we made that a critical component for brand growth with this website. We will do two draft changes for the website so that your information is on there - included in price we negotiate.

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Personalized Plate I KLEEN

Asking Price:

personalized plate I KLEEN
what an oppourtunity to get some lasting advertising for your van
a personalized message to your future customers.going to the gas station now becomes a marketing oppourtunity. in fact wherever your van goes ,so does your advertising even if your van isnt signwritten.its paid for itself many times over
for more details check out the trademe auction no. 1385034255

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