Methamphetamine Cleanup and Decontamination

If you have discovered that you are living in a house contaminated with meth, you have two main options to help you move forward. Most meth contaminated properties will need some form of decontamination which you can either try and do yourself or get a professional company in to do for you.

How much work does meth lab decontamination involve?

The work needed to bring your property back up to a livable standard will probably depend on the extent of the meth use at the property and whether it was used simply for smoking the drug or as a lab to manufacture meth.

Meth labs require more remediation work than houses where the drug has simply been used as the chemicals and toxins used in the manufacturing process may remain and the levels of meth and precursors are higher than most user sites.

In most cases any soft furnishings like curtains and carpets need to be replaced and in more extreme cases you may even need to rip out counter tops and other fixtures and fittings or even demolish parts of the property in order to ensure the contamination has been completely eradicated.

Just because the house has been a meth lab, it does not necessarily mean that it has to be stripped back to the house frame, i.e. kitchen, bathroom, gib & ceilings removed. There may be an option to use a meth removing chemical to clean the property.

The choice between DIY meth decontamination or getting in a professional

If the results of meth sampling has shown only low levels of contamination you might consider cleaning up the property yourself.

In this case you will need to purchase safety items to ensure you are protected during the clean-up process and a range of cleaning products to remove the meth. Potential equipment includes:

  • respirators, gloves, gum boots and overalls
  • cleaning chemicals
  • machinery for cleaning such as sprayers and foggers

You will also have to dispose of any soft furnishings and carpets, etc. as hazardous waste by using an appropriate waste contractor. A better solution may be to get a professional meth decontamination company in to do the job for you. Professionals will have all the right equipment and be efficient and thorough in the cleaning.

What to look for in a professional meth cleaning company

When you are requesting quotes from a company to do meth decontamination for you, it is important to make sure you are dealing with a reputable service.

Things to ask include:

  • What qualifications and training do the technicians have
  • Does the company have testimonials from other decontamination jobs
  • How does with the waste taken from your property get disposed of.
  • How much demolition might be involved in the meth remediation work
  • How long the job will take
  • Will the process make my property habitable as per the New Zealand Standard NZS8510.

Reputable companies will be able to provide you with all relevant information and evidence of their qualifications before starting work. Cleaning Systems can recommend a number of suitable companies to help you with P lab decontamination.

After the meth decontamination has been completed

Once your property has been cleaned further samples need to be taken to clear the property for habitation.
A good decontamination company will be able to bring levels under the current New Zealand Standard NZS8510 level of 1.5 micrograms per 100cm2 in high use areas of the property or 3.8 micrograms per 100cm2 in low use areas of a property and the final tests will show levels of contamination are now at safe levels.

Becoming a meth lab decontamination expert

Meth lab decontamination is a great business for the right person, offering the chance to carry out work that could make a real difference in people’s lives. If you are thinking about getting involved in the meth clean up business, Cleaning Systems can provide a training programme which gives you a wide-ranging grounding in the methods and techniques for meth decontamination.

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