Methamphetamine Property Testing

If you suspect that meth may have been smoked or prepared in your home or a house you are thinking of buying, your rental property or business premises then a meth test can give you a reliable answer so that you can take appropriate steps to deal with the situation.

Don’t leave your health to chance. Find out if you are living in a meth contaminated property

Living in a meth contaminated house can have a serious impact on your health and can also put a serious dent in your finances if you need to undertake extensive remediation work.

It can be very hard to tell if you are living in or about to buy a meth contaminated property with the naked eye and by the time you find out you are living in a former meth lab or user site it could be too late in terms of your health or your finances.

Meth testing can give you an accurate result and immediately tell you if you are living in a contaminated property and if needed exactly what levels of meth contamination are present.

Who should be testing for meth?

Meth testing is important for a range of different people involved in the property market including:

  • Prospective buyers: if you are thinking about buying a property and are concerned about the potential contamination, then get a meth test before committing to a sale. This will either give you the peace of mind to go ahead with the sale or allow you to enter negotiations with your eyes open and in possession of all the facts.
  • Tenants: if you are looking to rent a property you might like to ask the landlord to carry out a meth test or carry out your own before signing a tenancy agreement (with the permission of the landlord).
  • Home owners: if you already own a house and suspect your property may be contaminated after talking to your neighbours or you are experiencing health problems, then you might want to get a home meth test sooner rather than later.
  • Landlords: as a landlord it pays to get a meth test before you buy a property to add to your portfolio as well as on a regular basis during tenancies. This can help you identify any problems as soon as possible and can provide evidence should you need it for tenancy disputes.
  • Real estate agents: if your business is selling properties, you might like to think about offering meth testing as part of your services. This gives both buyers and sellers peace of mind that the properties are safe.
  • Business owners: if you are concerned your business property such as storage units or offices are compromised a meth test may give you a clearer answer.

Do it yourself or professional testing?

You can buy do it yourself meth test kit for home use and carry out your own testing if you are concerned. These are cheaper than getting a professional test, but are not always as reliable.

A professional meth testing company will take a series of samples in different areas of your house, send them off to a laboratory and if meth is discovered then you know exactly what you are dealing with. The next step is to find out and how much decontamination work might need to be undertaken.

Further testing is done once remediation work has been carried out to ensure levels are below the New Zealand Standard NZS8510

Interested in becoming a professional meth tester? Cleaning Systems offers training courses to help you get started

If you are thinking about starting your own meth testing business, talk to us about our comprehensive meth training course that can help you learn the techniques and gain valuable tips to get you started in your business including training on the different types of testing kits and how to use them, where to test in a property, health and safety, report writing, etc.

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