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Feel like winning some prizes?

Every $200 + GST in a single purchase gets you an entry into the draw. Spend $2000 + GST - you get 10 entries.

Each month we will be giving away a prize (Galaxy tablets, prezzy or gift cards).

This months sponsor is Bridgepoint/Hydroforce - click here to have a look at their range.

At the end of 6 months all entries will go into the draw for one major prize -

$5000 Travel voucher

Remember, every $200 you spend gets you an entry. Why not have a look at our range of household cleaners (Spray N Wipe, Window Cleaner, etc) for your own use, Rubbermaid mopping systems, oil & filters for your truckmount, vacuum motors or pumps for your portables, vacuum cleaner bags, jets and strainers for your wands, training courses, flood equipment, the list goes on.

All can be added to get your order up to another entry.

We will announce the winner each month in the newsletter & Facebook and notify you personally by email.

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Daylight savings has ended and its starting to get cool in the mornings, winter is on its way.

Are you prepared for floods and frozen pipes? Now would be a good time to get your flood equipment out, check it over and make sure its in good working order and all tagged, ready to go. Are the filters clean?

Have a look at the great specials below.

From the CSL team


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Rodent bait - buy a pail, get a station free

Pestoff Chocolate 10kg $135 + GST
Contrac Blox 8kg $130 + GST
Rodenthor Soft Bait 9kg $115 + GST
Rodenthor Block Bait 8kg $105 + GST

Get a Rat station FREE with any of the above (valued at $23)

Pestoff Chocolate 3kg $62 + GST
Rodenthor Block Bait 3kg $42 + GST

Get 2 Mouse stations FREE with either of the above (valued at $6 + GST)


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Sapphire Extraction Tool

Significantly improves flood extraction efficiency. A patent-pending glide creates a powerful seal to maximize carpet compression and the 2-in. diameter tube maintains maximum airflow to ensure deep extraction from all carpet types. Cuts up to a third off extraction time with less strain on your back than traditional carpet wands.

$1055 + GST


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Do you have a Dri-Eaz 7000 dehumidifier?

Use this nifty invention to direct the dehumidifier output across floors. Rotomolded polyethylene adapter for the LGR 7000XLi, the VMax focuses the dehumidifier’s warm, dry air directly onto floors to accelerate drying. Installs in seconds – just place over dehumidifier outlet.

$220 + GST


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Sick of burning your hands on quick connects?

Try the Mytee Cuties - $9 + GST for a 2-pack


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Dri-Eaz Velo airmover

Delivering restoration-grade air movement in a highly portable package

Usually $599 + GST - 6 only @ $499 + GST


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Wet Chec

Product Features
Quick moisture check – audible signal when moisture exceeds 17%

Perfect for those quick jobs where you just need a yes or no, as opposed to a reading. Also great for finding urine.

Usually $66.25 + GST - $50.00 + GST while stock last


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Just like the Wet Chec but no bending over.
Beeps at over 17% moisture.
Extends from 21" to 31"

Usually $358 + GST - 5 only - $310 + GST


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Vacuum Hose 2" - 15mtrs

Built to take abuse that everyday professional use dishes out. With smooth free flowing bore inside, it allows high air movement and efficient vacuum. Strong and yet highly flexible this hose is the perfect choice for both truckmount and portable use

Usually $280 + GST - while stocks last $150 + GST


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Sick of that "dust bag" smell?

Pop one of these into your new dust bag when you change it. Comes in either Lemon or Lavender scents.

$5 + GST per pack


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Karcher Asbestos Vacuum

The NT35/1 Tact Te H has the unique and effective fully automated filter cleaning system Tact. It is possible to pick up even the highest amount of dust with constantly high airflow. This vacuum can also pick up liquids and has an electronic cut off when the machine reaches maximum level. The safety vacuum is equipped with the antistatic system and electrically conductive accessory. Through the grounded connection port electrostatic charge will securely be deducted.

Approved for asbestos dust: Only dust class H safety vacuum cleaners approved with the additional test for asbestos (according to TRGS 519) may be used for dust containing asbestos in Germany. Karcher H class safety vacuum cleaners have this approval.

Usually $1999 - 1 only at $1499 + GST


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These items were purchased, but the business never started, so the foamer and compressor are brand new. The fogger and airmover have a few marks, but essentially are new also.

Package price NEW $4262.60 + GST

In showroom now - $3500 + GST


Specials may attract freight charges, freight cost is not part of the $200 prize entry





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