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The humble vacuum cleaner is a real workhorse that often gets sadly neglected and both reduces the quality of your work and costs you time. That’s profits lost.

A vacuum cleaner service would cost from $60.00 + gst, excluding parts requirements, and could make a difference of 1 - 2 minutes per hour in time recovered. The service would pay for itself in a couple of weeks. 

$60.00 + gst (excluding parts) 


Regular Servicing Improves Motor Life
Most vacuums are run until they eventually burn out. Regular servicing of brush motor vacuums can double the life.

Compressed Air Vacuums
Even compressed air vacuums with no moving parts need the silencer foams replaced from time to time especially when collecting fine dusts

Filter Maintenance is Essential
Maintenance and cleaning of filters will dramatically improve the life and efficiency of the motor, especially when collecting fine dusts.
Vacuum operators rarely bother to properly clean filters.

On Site Maintenance
Vacuums and pumps can be serviced and maintained on site in many cases without incurring expensive downtime due to the removal of units. Just contact the Service Team to arrange a call-out. (Service within Auckland only)

Our Maintenance Staff
Our trained staff will service and maintain all types of vacuums and cleaning equipment.


Training Your Staff

Vacuum operators should be trained to :-
•check and clean filters regularly
•control vacuum movement by the trolley or dolly handles and not by pulling the hose
•clean the collection tank regularly
•dry the collection tank properly after collecting liquids and oils
•not collect dust in a tank that still contains liquids or oil films
•remove the dust filter unit when the vacuum is used for wet collection
•keep hoses and electrical wires away from oils, fats and grease that are likely to attack the plastic coverings


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