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 TLC Preclean Specifications
pH:10.0 - 11.0Coverage:Up to 165m2 per Litre
Fragrance:AlmondAppearance:Clear, yellow liquid

Most powerful — You will find TLC Preclean Cleaner to be the most powerful traffic lane cleaner you have ever used. Primarily designed for commercial cleaning, this solution contains blended solvents to cut even the heaviest dirt, oil, grease, and industrial grime.

Most Partnered -  with detergent for powerful cleaning — It readily combines with detergents to help loosen soils that resist detergents alone.

Most concentrated — TLC Preclean Cleaner is the industry’s first traffic lane pre-conditioner to incorporate a 32 to 1 dilution ratio. This super concentration provides the most cost efficient use per square foot of any traffic lane cleaner currently available.

Most convenient — TLC Preclean Cleaner is ideal for use in Hydroforce or similar pre-spray devices. Simply equip the spray unit with a 32:1 metering tip and add TLC Preclean Cleaner full strength to the reservoir. No mixing, no fuss! Just super performance, super convenience! It may also be easily mixed at 4 ozs. to 1 gallon of water for use in regular pump-up sprayers.

Most Buffered pH — Even in dilute from, the pH remains at 10.5 for easy soil loosening.

Helpful Hints — For use on rapidly re-soiling olefin carpets, pre-spray using a stronger concentration (18 - 20 ozs. to 1 gallon of water). Spray entire carpet, brush in and extract with Chemspec Formula 90 .

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