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POG (KemSpec)

POG (KemSpec)




POG - Paint Oil and Grease Remover for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning


P.O.G. (Paint,Oil & Grease) Specifications
Fragrance:BananaAppearance:Clear, colorless liquid





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Effectively removes stubborn oil-based spots — Formulated to be highly effective in removing normally troublesome spots such as grease, paint, carbon and other oily spots from textile surfaces.

Use with confidence on carpet, upholstery and other textile surfaces — When used as directed, P.O.G. can be used with confidence to safely remove oil-based spots which do not come out during normal cleaning of carpet, upholstery or other textile surfaces.

Quick acting — Highly effective — This formulation is specialized to make oil-based spots on carpet “disappear.” Contains effective grease/oil cutters which save time and labor.

Save time, labor and money — The specialized P.O.G. formulation saves money and time in removing normally tough greasy spots allowing cleaning personnel to move quickly on the job.

    Easy to use —
  1. Do not dilute. Use this product as it comes from the container.
  2. Test for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area.
  3. Apply P.O.G. to a clean, white absorbent cloth.
  4. Blot the oil-based spot working from the outside and moving toward the center of the spot.
  5. Blot area with a clean, white cloth.
  6. To ensure no residue remains, clean area with a quality detergent.
  7. Allow area to dry before using.

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