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There is a green glide to fit many wands on the market and RX20 too.

Call us with the details of your wand so we can help make a match if one exists.

Typical pricing $350 - $410 ex gst.

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Details from GreenGlides website follow:

What is a Teflon wand glide?

A Teflon wand glide is a device which fits over, or in some models,
into the vacuum slot of a standard carpet cleaning wand. It is
precision engineered and CNC machined in the USA from 100% Teflon rod

A Teflon wand glide performs several functions:

- Makes the wand glide dramatically easier over all types of flooring surfaces.

- Significantly reduces operator fatigue and stress injuries. It is literally easy to push the wand with one hand.

- Leaves the carpet drier and thus cleaner than an unglided wand.

- Eliminates the marring of baseboards, furnishings and hard floors that unglided wands can leave, it converts your carpet cleaning wand or rotary machine into an effective and ergonomic tile and hard surface cleaning tool..

- Eradicates the streaking and pile distortion common to many low profile, multi-jet wands.

- Makes "wand hop" or "chattering" a thing of the past..

- Cleans the finest, most delicate surfaces gently and thoroughly without the fear of distorting, damaging, or leaving the surface over-wet.

- Works on any water-safe hard surface floors and concrete as well.

- Allows any size operator to use the same wand, as it self-compensates for taller or shorter operators.


What are the benefits of a Teflon wand glide and how do they work?

The greatest benefit of a Teflon wand glide is COMFORT and EASE OF USE. Regular use of a Teflon wand glide makes for a more comfortable, less injury-prone operator. Stress on the back, shoulders and elbows from wanding are reduced significantly. Many who were in great pain with wanding related stress injuries are able to work again with little or no pain.
Wanding with a glide allows you to work faster and with dramatically less effort. You can accomplish more work and have more energy left at the end of the day. The slippery Teflon material glides easily over the surface and the increased surface area keeps the wand from hindering momentum.

The second greatest feature is DRIER, CLEANER SURFACES. The distinct features of the Teflon wand glide allow it to ride on the top of the floor surface and not lock down onto the surface causing loss of airflow.   Air is drawn THROUGH allowing maximum airflow and increasing your current CFM while maintaining excellent lift. More dirty water is extracted, thus leaving your jobs drier and cleaner. The hole design increases the velocity of the air and water moving through the wand and the size of the holes have been engineered to maximize drying, ease of push, durability, stability and debris removal.

Our NO-MAR DESIGN. Leaving black wand marks on baseboards, scratched and gouged furniture, and damage of tile, stone or wood floors from conventional steel or aluminum wand heads is now eliminated. Teflon wand glides allow the operator to use the wand directly against baseboards, furnishings and other objects without damaging the finish.
Now you can glide from the onto delicate hardwood, stone or ceramic tile without worrying about marring the surface. A glide allows you to do edges and walkoffs easier and more thoroughly than ever before. They are a Teflon bumper for your wand head!

NO MORE STREAKING from multi-jet, low profile wands. With a glide in place the jet spray skims the glide just above the floor / glide interface and a sheeting action takes place, dispersing the spray evenly with no streaking or distortion. This also allows you to clean at a higher PSI taking advantage of the superior flushing action without leaving the surface overwet.

"CHATTERING" of the wand is annoying and causes drastic performance loss. The glide works smoothly and easily in any direction you push it, in addition to providing excellent drying and soil extraction. Chatter is virtually eliminated. This greatly increases the speed, efficiency and quality of your cleaning.

TILE CLEANING is a breeze! Because a glide does not scratch or dig into the cleaning surface, delicate tile, stone and wood surfaces are cleaned without risk of damage from steel wand lips. More water is extracted, leaving all surfaces cleaner and drier, even hardwood floors become easy to clean without fear! Glides are an essential item to any tile or stone cleaning operation.

Finally, glides, because of their radius face design, can be used just as effectively by any size operator. The radius compensates for taller and shorter operators allowing all to get maximum performance and results.

How long will a Teflon wand glide last before wearing out?

Depending upon your usage, you can expect one to three years of usable
life from your glide. Teflon has unique "self-healing" properties which other plastics do not possess. For instance, as a glide gets scraped and gouged with use, the damaged area quickly burnishes over and no loss of glidability occurs. Inferior materials will scratch and snag causing loss of glidability over time and damage to the surface. This is why we only use quality Teflon for our glides.

Do the holes clog with debris?

Rarely. The smooth, radius face design pushes aside debris that is too large to pass through the holes, leaving it to be easily vacuumed up with the hose cuff. Prevacuuming is highly recommended, but not essential. The holes rarely clog up, and nasty wand "hairballs" never occur. Clearing clogged holes is easily accomplished using the cleaning tool provided with your glide or an awl, dental pick or even a paper clip. Inspect your glide for debris before each job, pushing any material stuck in the holes through to the wand slot. Never dig debris out, push it through. Prying and digging can
damage the hole integrity. Remove the glide and clean the wand slot every few months or as needed for your conditions and your glide will give you excellent service and long life.

Will a Teflon wand glide fit any wand?

No. Glides must be precision machined to fit each model of wand. Some wand models, due to their design, cannot accept a glide. We make glides for a large majority of popular wands. We can assist you in fitting difficult or rare wands on a case by case basis.

Are Teflon wand glides only for use with truckmounts?

No. While the larger and more powerful a carpet cleaning machine is, the more dramatic the results are; even operators of portable extractors and small truckmounts will benefit from a Teflon wand glide.

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