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Convenient 100 gallons of fresh water at your fingertips. Imagine how much time you will save — no looking for a water supply on the job and no worries about frozen water faucets or hoses in winter. Advanced design means benefits for The Water Well that are not found in other tanks:

100 Gallon Capacity
Heavy-duty, rotationally moldedpolyethylene tank.
Built-in chemical shelf holds up to 5 one-gallon containers securely.
Molded baffles inside tank decrease watermovement while van is in motion.
Automatic water fill shut-off. Transparent tank allows monitoring of water level.
Vented, large access ports located on bothends of tank for ease of maintenance andcleaning.
Designed to be easily mounted anywherein the van!

Convenient, multiple accessports ensure easy filling and draining oftank, no matter where it is mounted.
Easy to install. Comes with all mountinghardware and instructions.
Length: 61 inches, Width: 18 inches, Height: 36 inches
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