Portable Extractors





Not all portables were created equal... Razorback portable come with a host of new and improved futures not found on any other Australian made portable.

Technical Specifications




2 x 1100 watt 2 stage


Hawk Pump
500psi Carpet (Instant Heat)
800 psi Tile & Grout


50Litre Solution


In Tank Immersion plus Inline Heat Exchanger


Dual Cord


Automatic Fill & Automatic Pump Out

Features and benefits:

  • 50mm (2 inch) vacuum plumbing from the hose connection port to the vacuum collection chamber.  This ensures less restriction in the vacuum system and increasing vacuum air flow considerably
  • Lint catcher is standard on all models. Catcher keeps lint from entering vacuum system, protecting motors and making the machine easier to keep clean
  • Double your warranty. 2 Year manufactures warranty on assembly and components, 10 Year warranty on fibreglass body. Our comprehensive warranty simply put covers every part, assembly, component is covered against defect or failure.
  • Optional features such as DHS dual heat system, automatic fill and Automatic pump out
  • Waste tank gate valve set at the correct height to empty waste directly from the machine into standard height toilet
  • Quality brass and stainless fittings used throughout
  • Vacuum muffler and enervative sound suppression system ensures the machine is one of the quietest on the market
  • Tough chassis mounted front handle makes the machines easier to load and unload.
  • Heavy duty aluminium chassis reduces overall weight but maintains integrity. Rubber bumper protects the machine from bumps and scraps
  • Innovative hinged flat top lid replaces the dome as seen on most machines. Gives you a flat work surface plus eliminates costly replacements from lost or broken domes.
  • Marine grade stainless steel handles run all the way down the length of the back of the machine protecting the fibreglass and ensuring the machine can be easily loaded into work vans with out damage
  • Nearly double the usable solution and waste tank capacity of some competitor models. Larger capacity improves productivity by extending the time required between filling and empting the machine.
  • Best quality fibreglass in the industry. Quality fibreglass improves strength and longevity of the machine plus eliminates cracks and crazing in the gel coat caused by vacuum pressure flexing of the machine body
  • Vacuum booster port is standard on all models. Vacuum booster box can be added to increase suction and extend the length of vacuum hose that can be run from the machine
  • Quality marine grade rocker switches.  Switches and hour meter are protected by a shroud to prevent damage from being knocked or bumped from walls or loose tools in you van
  • Large non marking pneumatic wheels make it easier traversing stairs and rough surfaces
  • Strengthened axel and better chassis design ensure a low well balanced centre of gravity making the machine easier to manoeuvre
  • Proven components that are easy to maintain and cost effective to repair
  • Removable base cover allows easy access to Genuine Ametek vacuum motors and quality ceramic piston pumps.
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