Dri-Eaz Products and 3M announce a significant advancement in dehumidifier filtration. Company officials report that the new 3M Filtrete - High Air Flow (HAF) Filters in Dri-Eaz DrizAir dehumidifiers are 100 percent more efficient than washable foam filters and much more durable than paper filters. They capture more dirt, dust and debris from incoming air to improve the indoor air quality and extend the life of the machine.

Increase the life expectancy of Dri-Eaz dehumidifiers with the switch of a filter
The new 3M Filtrete - filter keeps Dri-Eaz dehumidifier coils, pumps and drain hoses cleaner by utilizing an electrostatic charge that physically attracts (and holds) airborne particles. In addition, the open channel structure of the filter keeps airflow resistance at a minimum so the machine can process the maximum volume of air for maximum water vapor removal. That means 3M Filtrete - HAF filters not only clean the air and reduce the need for maintenance, but they actually promote top performance.

Antimicrobial agent inhibits mold growth
In the warm and humid conditions of water damage restoration, paper and foam filters can potentially support mold growth and even contaminate a jobsite. But new 3M Filtrete - HAF filters include an effective antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of many biological organisms including mold and other fungi.

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