This perforation roller is used to place ultra small pin holes through painted surfaces to allows the ultra small particles of water vapor to travel through the paint.  This increased evaporation will cut down on wall dry times.  This is a must to use on all glossy or enamel painted surfaces.  Enamel paint creates a vapor barrier that prevents the wall from releasing the water vapor.  The roller can be uses lightly and you will not even have to paint the surface when finished or you can use more aggressively to really speed up the drying process.

This is used to perforate the finish on wood floors after water damage.  It only takes a really small hole to allow water vapor to pass through the face of the wood

Porcupine perforate tool for even faster removal of wall coverings perforates the paper and allows steam to penetrate faster.
Ideal for vinyls painted coverings and textured coatings

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