Hydrocide is an amazing new odor counteractant that immediately and permanently eliminates odors from pet and human urine, vomit, decayed organic matter, sour smells, feces, skunk, musty mildew odors, smoke and much more.

Hydrocide contains an odor neutralizer that binds to and destroys odors—no matter what the source—in carpet, upholstery, mattresses and hard surfaces.

Always pre-treat affected areas being sure to apply enough to assure direct contact with the odor source. In some cases this means saturation of the affected area (ideal when used with a Water Claw). Any remaining odor indicates that Hydrocide did not come into direct contact with the odor source.

Hydrocide contains no bacteria, enzymes, oxidizers or chemical desensitizers. And, Hydrocide contains a polymer that resists resoiling of treated areas.

RTU pH: 6.5

Dilution Ratios:
Sprayer: 4-8 oz. /Gallon (Depending on odor severity) 
Prespray Additive: Up to eight ounces per gallon of RTU prespray

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