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M-115 (435 Litre)

M-115 (435 Litre)



Morantz M-115 Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

This powerful Ultrasonics machine is designed for the restoration technician to clean large and small items easily. The M-115 eliminates heavy lifting by raising and lowering objects into the tank with the touch of a lever. Perfect for cleaning smoke damaged objects and dirty items of all sizes.

Interior Dimensions:  914mm L x 737mm W x 737mm D
Outside Dimensions:  1346mm L x 889mm W x 1041mm H
(2057mm with lid open and 1829mm with lift attached)
Capacity: 435 Litres

Standard Features

• Prowave True Digital Generator with Intensity Control Knob (up to 4000 watts)
• Twin Immersible Transducer Packs
• 14-Gauge, 316L Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel
• Pneumatic Lift
• Built in, Thermostatically controlled Heater with Indicator Light
• Easy-Step On/Off Foot Pedal
• Digital Temperature Display/Readout Box
• Generator Shelf
• Welded Handles
• Four 5" Casters with 2 Brakes
• Spigot for Easy Draining of Tank
• Instructional Video and Manual

Recommended Accessories:

Firesonics upgrade kit


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