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Z-133 (503 Litre)

Z-133 (503 Litre)



Built to accommodate tall and deep items, The Cousin can handle large sized items such as wheel chairs, patio umbrellas, folding chairs and tables, light diffusers and much more.

Recommended Applications

• Blind Cleaning
• Fire Restoration
• Parts Cleaning
• Janitorial Cleaning
• Stuffed Animals and Toys
• Wheelchairs
• Light Diffusers
• Patio Furniture
...and much more


Interior Dimensions:
52"L x 16"W x 37"D
1321mm L x 406mm W x 940mm D

133 gallon capacity
503 liter capacity

Exterior Dimensions:
60"L x 22"W x 42.5"H
1524mm L x 559mm W x 1080mm H
(1981mm with Inspection Rack)

Standard Features

• Prowave True Digital Generator with Intensity Control Knob ( up to 4000 watts)
• Twin Immersible Transducer Packs
• 14-Gauge, 316L Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel
• Built in, Thermostatically controlled Heater with Indicator Light
• Easy-Step On/Off Foot Pedal
• Digital Temperature Display/Readout Box
• Welded Handles
• Four 5" Casters with 2 Brakes
• Spigot for Easy Draining of Tank
• Instructional Video and Manual
• Free, Unlimited, Hands-on Training


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