HP 12.5% 5L - KemSpec

HP 12.5% 5L - KemSpec




12.5% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution for Carpet Stain Removal

 A method of cleaning carpet fibres comprises applying to soiled carpet fibres a formulation. The formulation comprises: a) Wood or plant derivative, in particular cellulose, and wood flour mixtures, at a level of less than 50% w/w b) hydrogen peroxide, at a level of less than 5.5% w/w; c) to 15% w/w of a solvent or mixture of solvents; and d) to 15% w/w of a salt or mixtures of salts.

The formulation shows efficient stain removal from carpet, including the carpet backing, without damaging the fibre or colours of the carpet. Furthermore, the formulations show also efficient particulate soil removal from the carpet.


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