Caddys Helper

Caddy's Helper



Caddy's Helper Ultrasonic Machine

This compact, portable Ultrasonic unit on wheels can be taken directly to the course or rolled in and out of the clubhouse. Restores the tack to grips and cleans dirt from the heads of irons and woods, all in the time it takes to say FORE! Accommodates set of 14 clubs.

Recommended Applications

• Fire Restoration (small items) • Small Electronics Cleaning
• Golf Clubs • Jewellery
• Small Parts Cleaning

Interior Dimensions:  406mm L x 381mm W x 305mm D
Outside Dimensions:  546mm L x 546mm W x 838mm H
Capacity: 35 Litres

Standard Features

• Built in Prowave True Digital Generator
• Built-in Transducers
• 14-Gauge, 316L Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel
• Built-in Heater
• Built-in Counter
• Four 5" Casters with 2 Brakes
• Spigot for Easy Draining of Tank
• Instructional Video and Manual


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