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Trappit Cockroach Sticky Traps (5)

The trap is coated with 'dry-touch, no-mess' glue and is ready to use with the food based attractant tablet on the glue surface.

The attractant tablet contains the anti-ingestant "Bitrex' to prevent accidental ingestion. The glue and tablet are covered with a quick release siliconised cover paper.


Cockroach sticky traps are small, easily used devices with an adhesive base and attractant lure, designed to trap and retain crawling insects. Sticky traps can help the professional pest control operator work in the most effective and efficient way. They also help meet the ever increasing expectations of customers for higher standards, and the requirement to use less insecticide in the environment.

Sticky traps can provide some of the following advantages to the professional pest control operator:

More effective than night inspections, and saves time
Provides specimens for identification, and no catch means no insecticide
Pinpoints insect harbourages
Inspires customer confidence
Permits use where insecticides are unacceptable
Sets standards of control, or "action levels"


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