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A broad spectrum acaricide/insecticide for use in empty grain stores for the control of rust red flour beetle, saw toothed grain beetle, grain weevil, flour moth and grain mite.

What is Actellic?

Actellic is a broad spectrum organophosphorous insecticide containing pirimphos-ethyl. Actellic is potent against a wide range of pests in accessible areas.

Well proven throughout the world, Actellic is approved for use in numerous authorities. The FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission considers pirimiphos-ethyl to have acceptable residue limits to allow its use on all important cereals and raw food products. Actellic is also recognised by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) as suitable for use aboard ships.

When to use Actellic SG10 and SG20

To control nuisance insects, apply 'Actellic' as soon as signs of infestation are noticed. Delay allows the infestation become harder to eradicate, thereby adding to time and cost. Follow the initial treatment with repeat applications as necessary. Grain storage premises should be heavily disinfested in the late spring or summer. In heavily infested premises, repeat six weeks later or just before harvest. Other storage and transport areas can be disinfested when empty.

Where to use Actellic SG10 and SG20
The smoke generators are suitable for use in rooms, freight containers and wagons used for storage, transport and preparation of processed foods and transport and storage of raw cereal grains, malt and oil seed.

The Specialist use of pyrotechnics in a smoke generator that controls pests and diseases is a relatively new use of pyrotechnic chemistry.

This system is the perfect treatment for pests and diseases in glasshouse flowers and greenhouse fruit and vegetables, prior to their harvest and entry into storage.

Benefits of Using Smoke Generators

Lower quantities of pesticide are required than to spray the same crop storage area.

Optimum effective use of small quantities of pesticide minimises impact on the environment.

Simple and easy to use - no special training required.

No special equipment required - cost saving.

Low operator exposure - health benefits to staff.

Low groundwater contamination - low environmental impact.

Smokes do not increase humidity - fungal growth is not encouraged.

Effective treatment in any enclosed area.

Short harvest interval - crops can be picked shortly after treatment.

Pesticide is deposited on vertical, horizontal and underside of horizontal surfaces - ensures thorough treatment.

Deals with flying insects.

Treat inaccessible areas - roofs, nooks and crannies can be successfully treated.



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