Baits and Insecticides





A revolutionary new cockroach control technology combining the world’s first Quick-release Insect Attractant Micro-capsules™, together with Controlled-release Active Micro-capsules™ of fipronil, the active you know and trust.


Cockroach control historically began with liquids and sprays. Then came gel baits, which are more effective and environmentally friendlier, but labour intensive. 

Now ATTRATHOR revolutionises cockroach control again using a targeted film application containing a food (bait) attractant and powered by fipronil. It has the efficacy of a traditional gel bait, but is much less labour intensive to apply, and is approved for use in food preparation areas. 

Cockroaches are lured to the target zone by the Quick-release Insect Attractant Microcapsules™, where they unknowingly pick up the deadly Controlled-release Active Microcapsules™. 

Sold only to trained professionals


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