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Contains: 500grm Permethrin synthetic pyrethroid

Barricade 500EC is incompatible with natural rubbers.
For peace of mind when it comes to dealing with timber pests, use Barricade 500EC. 

It is a fast working insecticide that will keep on working long after treatment so you can stop worrying about your antique furniture or classic Victorian villa turning to borer dust. 

It will also control a wide range of crawling insects such as cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, ants and spiders so you can relax and enjoy your life! 

Due to its liquid synthetic pyrethroid insecticide formulation, Barricade 500EC is highly effective in dealing with wood infested by common house borer, powder post beetle, two toothed and burnt pine longhorn and dry wood termites. 

A single treatment is usually sufficient to provide complete control, and the residual effects offer long term protection. 

For warehouses and silos requiring treatment for pest control of flying insects and crawling insects in harbourages, thermal fogging of Barricade 500EC will stop them in their tracks, dead! 

Thermal fogging will provide limited residual control.

Made in New Zealand

Sold only to trained professionals

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