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Bestseller 100EC is a quick acting synthetic pyrethroid insecticide which works through contact activity and ingestion. It is not systemic.

Resistance Management: Brassicas – To minimise the development of resistance to synthetic pyrethroids apply only in the period from February to August. Use insecticides of a different mode of action during September to the end of January.
Onions – Refer to supplier or adviser for the local integrated Pest Management programme. A cluster of 3-4 sprays should be made from early January in response to crop monitoring when the threshold of thrip numbers has been exceeded. Ensure good cultural practices such as removal of self-sets.

Compatibility: Bestseller 100EC is compatible with most commonly used fungicides and insecticides. Mixing: Add the required amount of Bestseller 100EC directly into the spray tank with agitator operating. Maintain agitation during application.

Withholding periods: Tomatoes – 1 day; Vegetable Brassicas – 3 days; Onions – 14 days; Sweetcorn – 7 days; Do not graze or feed treated maize or sweetcorn stubble to livestock within 14 days of application. Unless otherwise specified rates are suggested for high volume spraying to just before run-off. For concentrate spraying, adjust dilution rate accordingly.

Industrial pests in buildings: Domestic, agricultural, commercial, public and industrial.

Ants, flies, silverfish and spiders:  5-10ml/litre of water. Apply 1 litre of spray to 20 sq. metres. Apply to walls, floors and other places frequented by pests.

Cockroaches:  Apply to cockroach harbours, cracks, crevices and other frequented areas. Longer residual control will be achieved by the higher rate. Note: Do not allow spray to contact food, food preparation surfaces or food utensils. Remove or cover all foodstuffs before application. Wash all food contact surfaces thoroughly before re-introducing any foodstuffs. Do not use in areas where meat products are processed, packed or stored. Do not use where food packaging materials are stored or assembled. Do not use near air vents or ducts in food stores or processing plants while they are in operation.



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