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Key Beta Contains 125 g/l beta cyfluthrin

Insecticide control of flies and other insects on all types of surfaces.

Key Beta provides high quality knock down, residual and repellent insecticide activity against most insect species. The insecticide’s suspension concentrate formulation and very small particle size mean optimum contact with insects and optimum pest control effect. The small insecticide particles ensure even coverage when used with misting equipment, and the high concentration formula means that 1 litre of product makes 250 litres of spray mix. Key Beta has been proven to provide particularly effective for control of the common house fly, musca domestica, and is also recommended for the control of cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, ants and spiders. Made in New Zealand, Key Beta has improved residual activity compared to EC insecticide formulations on porous surfaces such as unpainted brick, concrete block, timber and fibrous cement.


Sold only to trained professionals

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