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Pest-Bor - Wettable Powder For Borer Treatment

Pest-Bor - Wettable Powder For Borer Treatment




Pest-Bor Industrial Wood Preservative
& Remedial Timber Treatment

Used as a termiticide, insecticide and a fungicide, Pest- Bor is
ideally applied for the protective and curative treatment of wood.
Targets such wood destroying pests as Subterranean,
Drywood and Dampwood termites, Carpenter ants,
Old House Borers, as well as a variety of beetles including Furniture,
Deathwatch, Longhorn and Powder Post Beetles.
Used in its powder form, Pest-Bor effectively kills ants, cockroaches and silverfish.

Insects like borers and termites are exposed to the active ingredient by eating treated wood or by ingestion while grooming. Borates are a contact toxicant to fungi. The borates prevent metabolism of food by insects and fungi causing death.

Remedial Applications:
For the control of common wood boring insects,
Anobium, Hadrobregums, Leanobium, Ambeodontus,
and termites (Kalotermes brouni).
Use at rate of 10 kg Pest-Bor mixed in 100 L of warm
water. Apply 25 L of mixed solution per 100 square
metres of dry timber surface per coating.
Apply two coats at least 1 hour apart. Ensure all
accessible dry wood surfaces are thoroughly wetted
with the treatment solution.
Penetration and diffusion is better if temperature is
above 13°C.
Do not apply to painted, varnished or coated surfaces.
Do not apply to timber exposed to continuing dampness
or seeping moisture, UNLESS coated with suitable
sealant like HomeSafe CopperTreat.
Internal treatment can be made using HomeSafe Rot
Stop paste, or Industrial Timber Protector. If surface very
dry (below 10% MC) either wet surface prior to applying
Pest-Bor solution or use HomeSafe Protectimber or
TimberFrame Defender instead.
Note: A noticeable reduction in borer activity might take
up to 9 months.
Industrial Timber Preservation:
Use Pest-Bor as a dilute solution in water at
concentrations from 0.5 to 40% depending on
application method (spray, dip, vacuum pressure),
the species of timber and required level of treatment.
Timber treated to H1.2 must comply with the penetration
and concentration requirements of NZS 3640:
Chemical Preservation of Round and Sawn Timber.



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