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CSL is proud to introduce a new synthetic pyrethroid product from the same manufacturer who brought us the extremely popular and successful BESTSELLER emulsifiable concentrate.

If you are in the Fly & Spider Control market this is the product that will keep you in the PICTURE with better margins and better performance.

While still containing the time proven active ingredient alpha-cypermethrin found in some other older products PICTURE is a suspension concentrate (water based polymer) with a much stronger concentration (100g/l) than most.

With this higher concentration PICTURE will be more competitively priced per treatment than many older products and should mean fewer call-backs, and lower risk of collateral damage.


Main features & benefits:

Cost effective



ERMA approved & registered

NZFSA approval for meat, fish & game premises

AgriQuality approved for use in Dairy premises

Multi target registrations for broad spectrum use

PDF File IconPICTURE SDS [93 KB - pdf]

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