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Recruit 100 SC Insecticide

Recruit 100 SC Insecticide



Always read the product label before use!

When Recruit 100SC is used via misting equipment, the spray should be surface applied and not directed into the air. For all applications at least 3 hours should be allowed before re-entry after spraying. This allows for thorough ventilation and any airbourne particles to settle.

Recruit 100SC is a formulation of bifenthrin - a non alpha cyano pyrethroid insecticide.

Active Ingredient: 100g / litre bifenthrin

Formulation: Suspension concentrate

Pack Size: 1 Litre

Compatibility: Recruit 100SC is compatible with most pest control products such as IGR insecticides and additives such as Sprayfast.

Recruit 100SC has both knockdown and residual capabilities against most insect species. Repellent activity is negligible and therefore Recruit 100SC is a suitable companion product to use in conjunction with baiting programmes. Deposits will provide long term knockdown of crawling insects such as ants, cockroaches and spiders. It is especially effective in providing a long-term protection zone from mosquitoes.

Sold only to trained professionals

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