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Vanquish Pro


Vanquish Pro is very effective ant bait in the form of a pale green paste. 

Target Pests

Vanquish Pro will control and even eradicate colonies of Argentine ants and some other species of ants. Eradication depends on the whole colony being treated at once.

Application Notes

The application rate of Vanquish Pro is 3kg/hectare so a 325g cartridge is enough to treat 1100m2 or 2 average house sections. Small amounts of bait are squeezed out at regular intervals of 2 meters onto the ground or can be put into 75mm pieces of hose or irrigation tube. Best put in shady places to help against evaporation. Baiting is only necessary outside as it will draw all ants to it. The larger the area that is baited the more successful the baiting program will be. When small areas are baited re-application may be necessary as the bait has no residual effect. Keep other animals away from the treatment area for 24 hours. No harm will come to them if they eat it but you will have to re-bait. Once the vacuum bag has been opened the bait has only a short shelf life – refrigeration will help to some degree.

Be sure to apply sufficient Vanquish Pro initially. Ants can become bait shy if it is used intermittently.

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