Foggers and Dusters






What is a thermal fogger?

The thermal fogger, also known as a hot fog generator, uses heat from coils to produce a fog. They are electrically driven with a powerful combustion chamber, which makes it possible to apply oil based as well as water-based chemicals in an equivalent droplet spectrum, without degrading the active chemical.

The fogging solution is injected in the air stream emerging at high velocity, and is dispersed into very fine aerosol droplets and distributed into a lightly suspending fog. Application can be employed by means of various nozzles for either the ULV (Ultra Low Volume) or the LV (Low Volume) method. The system has no mechanical moving parts, and therefore no wear.

A thermal fogger produces a range of droplet sizes including a large number of very small droplets. This makes a thermal fogger the preferred type of equipment to reach air spaces in areas highly obstructed by vegetation, or other physical obstructions in buildings. The large number of very small droplets produced in a thermally generated fog also make the fog highly visible. This can help the operator to monitor the fog and ensure thoroughness of application.


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