SOLO 457 7 Litre Polyethylene Sprayer

SOLO 457 7 Litre Polyethylene Sprayer



Solo 457 7 Litre Polyethylene Sprayer

Large 4.5" filler opening makes filling and clean up safe and easy.

Chemically resistant Viton® seals throughout. High-density polyethylene tanks with ultra-violet inhibitors, which allow for unmatched durability and ultra-violet protection. Automatic pressure relief valve releases excess pressure at 45 psi and may be used to release pressure as desired. Solo handheld sprayers can reach full pressure with about half the pumping required by other brands. Shut-off valve and wand overall length is 28" for hard to reach places. The large apertures allow easy cleaning, the durable 50 cm spray lances, the robust grips with optional pressure gauge attachment the selection of spray nozzles supplied as standard, fully justify worldwide success of these top sprayers.
Four feet of high pressure hose for hard to reach places.
Includes an assortment of four nozzles.

Our toughest 3 gallon.

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