FastTrackPest Control Course

Course Name: FASTTRACK Introduction to Urban Pest Management. 

Course Length: 2 Days. 

Course Price: $795 + GST

Learning Outcome: This course is designed to help students learn fundamental basics of common urban pest control jobs including customer service, legislative requirements, health & safety, product knowledge, application techniques (including practical demonstrations & activity's) etc. It will help students who wish to become "Approved UPM Contractors" who don't have the benefit of workplace training and want to go on to enrolling in the NZ Certificate of Pest Operations (Urban Pest Control) or at a minimum want to enrol to attain US28786, US28787, US28790 & US28791 with careerforce ITO. It will be based on the following: 

Legislation + Codes of Practice covered; Health & Safety at work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017 + EPA Hazardous Substances (Hazardous Property Controls) Notice 2017 + various UPM COPs as required. 

Course Purpose: From December 1st 2017 operators cannot use class 9.1A 9.2A 9.3A 9.4A Ecotoxic substances ( the majority of urban pesticides) without the appropriate NZQA qualification. This means that operators will need proof of training and be working towards that qualification as quickly as possible or be subject to prosecution by worksafe or liability from insurance claims. This course will speed that process up especially for self-employed operators who have no one to train them in the basics of Pest Control or for PCBUs (employers) who do not have a formal training program or want to take the liability for training new employees. It will also help a student decide if they want to enter this industry before investing in the NZQA process (approx $3000). 

This course when combined with the LIII course (or an equivalent qualification) will enable you to apply for your Certified Handler Certificate. There will be a few ID and other requirements as part of the issuing process.

Worksafe "Certified Handler" approvals for "Approved UPM Contractors" who wish to use class 6.1A + 6.1B (the acutely toxic) substances. Will need to contact Paul Pritchard directly and he will ascertain what evidence they will need to submit.  Cost $400.


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