FastTrackApproved Handler Certificate Course


Cleaning Systems are amongst the only recognised professional providers in the Cleaning and Pest Control Industries of HSNO  Approved Handler Certification Training. 

Approved Handler Certificate (Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Products)

This course is specifically developed for those wanting to gain an EPA Approved Handler Certificate (5 years). Certification for Hazardous Substances covered under the Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Products Group Standard. It applies to the following lifecycles - Use, Storage & Disposal.

This is to satisfy the requirements of Regulation 5, HSNO (Personnel Qualifications) Regulations 2001.

Approved Handler Certificate (Urban Pest Management)

This course has been specifically been developed by a Test Certifier for those wanting to gain Full Approved Handler (5 year) Certification for Hazardous Substances used in Urban Pest Management. It covers the three requirements set out in plain terms by EPA in which an applicant should be able to demonstrate their knowledge, experience and competence:

  1. Knowledge of the substance(s) they intend to use (or had been using, under the transitional "honesty based"  arrangements).
  2. Practical experience and knowledge of handling the substance(s)        
  3. Knowledge of the HSNO Act in relation to those substance(s)

For all training bookings and enquiries, please contact our training co-ordinator, Paige Simmons, on:

Freephone: 0800 100 117 (within NZ only)

Phone: +64 9 579 4114

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